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2021: The Year of Finding Solutions

As we begin this new year, we should all be thankful. However, it is important that we also see 2021 as a year for finding meaningful solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

This year, we must work to ensure that our security agencies collaborate and have the necessary tools and skills to curb issues of insurgency, kidnapping, robbery, and the assault and harassment of innocent citizens.

Let us focus on how we can get our economy working again. We must raise youth that can take advantage of new technologies in order to become key players across the telecommunications world.

We must see 2021 as another opportunity to attract foreign direct investments, diversify the economy and make Nigeria more relevant and important globally.

Our focus now should be on how to ensure that our youths are gainfully engaged. There also needs to be a conversation about how to revive our education and health systems to better serve all Nigerians.

We must also concentrate all government, corporate, group and individual efforts towards devising solutions to the numerous problems that confront the nation at this time.

Yes, I know that we may not find all the answers that we are looking for this year. However, we need to begin searching for those solutions that will allow us to begin our journey of rebuilding, rebranding and repositioning Nigeria.

Finally, let me reiterate my prayers for all our security agents and healthcare workers on the frontlines of their respective professions. I pray that Almighty God continues to guide and protect them as they work tirelessly to keep all of us safe.

May Almighty God heal our land, protect and unite us, as well as restore the prosperity of our dear country.

Again, Happy New Year to you and yours!


-Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki